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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

When it changes season, I like to change my hair. Problemo though. I want my long hair back…literally praying for it to grow.

The major issue with this is, every time I visit my hairdresser, I cut it.

So I have deliberately not booked in for three months in the hope that I wake one morning to find my hair cascading down my back. Yes. Like a mermaid. I can’t even get it to my shoulders. It’s currently sitting just over my jawline so I have some time to think about styling. Like a year.

Anyhoo, when I eventually get there I want it to look like a mish mash of these styles. Let’s be honest. I want to look like Rose Byrne when it’s straight and Alexa Chung when it’s messy. Hmmmm. Possibly aiming a little high. Both references of ala hot babes are below.

If you’re on the snippy bandwagon get all over Pinterest and drool over what you can’t have for a while. It makes you steer clear of the cutting room floor. Warning: you may also turn into a scraggy muffin who can’t style their hair every day of the week aka what I am experiencing ALL the time now. But I need the length I tell ya.

Introducing the L-OB inspo post.

The colour of this hair blows my mind.



I mean, how thick is this chick’s hair? And it’s way longer than a typical L-OB but a gurl gotta dream.


For you bleach blondes. Edgy.


I possibly like this girl’s make up over her hair but all one length makes the hair look a lot smoother, wouldn’t you say?


Beach babe. That is all. Colour to die for.



Bangs and big glasses. Pretty much what I look like when I do the school run. NOT.


OK, slightly like my current hair cut and pretty achievable me thinks.


Caramel chocolate mooshed with a beach spray curl. Big white teeth smile helps the hair.


Alexa can do grunge cross beauty so well. I would look like a washed up hot mess if I styled my hair like this on a daily basis but it gives me strength cos she looks like she has thin hair but lots of it. Like me. Or not like me.


Girl next door with some sass. Emma Stone, I don’t know what it is about you, but you’re a girl I’d like to be friends with. Actually I know what it is. You know Ryan Gosling. Whatever about the hair.


She’s done well, Rose Byrne and her hair has been amped since the Two Hands days. Remember alongside Heath Ledger, the dark roots and curly blonde locks…that I actually loved….and possibly even tried to emulate. Well now, she’s L-OB perfection.


SOURCE: Pinterest, my best friend.

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