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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

Support a stack of incredible small businesses that are have brands in the cool kids space.

We’ve chosen a delightful range of gifts to suit the under $50 budget.

Castle and Kite dabber dot pens are my fave. But I am also obsessed with the Jilly Jumbles JJ Farm bag. Such a clever concept.

When it comes to present time, get in early because some of these businesses close early because postage can take some time.


Pear & Co. Designs Bunny Swaddle Wrap $21.95 – Buy now!

Have You Met Charlie? Pole Pole Animals $20-$25 – Buy now!

Castle & Kite Dabber Dot Pens $39 – Buy now!

A Little Bite Of Love Baby Gucci Shoes Print $25 – Buy now!

baby jones designs Teal Blooms Doll Bedding Set $21.95 – Buy now!

Ziggy Lou Christmas Set $50 – Buy now!

Faith Lane Signature Wooden Décor Collection from $28 – Buy now!

Frankie Jones the Label Woody Jogger Pant $49.95 – Buy now!

My Penpals Writing Kit $39 – Buy now!

Le Petite Renard Rouge Fabric Crown Sprinkles – $27 – Buy now!

Little Lola Boutique Suitcase Set $45.90 – Buy now!

Jilly Jumbles JJ Farm Bag $39 – Buy now!

Decks & Co Animal Head Wall Mount $49.95 – Buy now!

My Night Light Hugglo Whale Plush Toy $49.95 – Buy now!

Cheeky Chickadee Platypus Long Sleeve Girl Swimmers $34.95 – Buy now!

Wild Dough Co Christmas Twinkle Playdough 3 Pack $34.95 – Buy now!

Just Ray DUSI Toddler Leopard Sandals $36 – Buy now!

Dino Raw Art Hanger Rainbow Dinosaur Dreaming $44 – Buy now!

Gen Of Eve Girls Sunglasses $15 – Buy now! and Anise Dress $45 – Buy now!

Snackbox Sez Munchboxes $15 – Buy now!

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