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Yes I know. You’re thinking you have to be 21 to pull this off. The reason I think you’re wrong is because if you wear shorts and a singlet during summer, then you can wear this.

And by the way, welcome to the first review of a jumpsuit.

It’s silky smooth and the royal green colour of the suit against the muted flowers peppered all over it sets it aside from other jumpsuits. There’s a certain level of class and maturity about it.

For the accessories stick to nude. A nude, peep toe, patent heel (as done as they are) is perfectly suited to the whole look and keep your hair really simple because this is a fashion statement, in itself.

Style tip: I wouldn’t go a flat shoe with this. We all know wearing a shoe with a bit of a heel lifts your bottom and makes you feel taller. A jumpsuit (unless beachey) definitely requires a shoe with height.

PRICE – $55 – BUY NOW!

[pic source: Top Shop]


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