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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

It’s something we have on repeat, as women. That thought that often becomes pretty verbal.

I’m tired. I’m tired. I’m so mental. And tired. And busy. I bet you have said this three times today and you’ve heard it at least once from a girlfriend.

Apart from drinking a bucket of powdered magnesium, which I highly recommend in legal doses, here’s a few things to give you a bit more pep in your step!

‘Cause let’s be honest, being ‘tired’ is so NOT hot right now.

Whack some lippy on. 

Automatically you’ll look 30% better. Try a brighter shade of pink if you’re having a really hard get up.

Please wear foundation, BB cream, blush. Anything you can lay your hands on.

Of course you look tired if you don’t wear a smear of make up. Zoe Foster swears by simple BB creams. I like to put foundation on EVERY day.  It’s just my thing. Not everyone’s cup of tea but I guarantee some colour in your face will make you feel better and as you pass that mirror you’ll give yourself a mental thumbs up instead of eye rolling yourself for being “too tired to put a face on.” It works wonders, this one.

Add a scarf

Enough said. Warms you up. And completes the look.




Don’t be afraid of a littl’ bit o’ bling

It takes you under 30 seconds. Whack some earrings on. Maybe not with your active wear but if you’re wearing striped top and jeans, a little indi earring is a cute way to bring you to life. It’s part of making yourself feel spesh.


Try a shirt under a knit, instead of just the knit

My gal stylist Mumma Aint Mumsy mentioned this at a recent event I attended. Wearing a shirt (loose) to the park with your skinny jeans (or ripped boyfriends) will automatically look more girl boss. Even if you are cutting sandwiches and chasing kids.




No thongs. No runners. Unless you’re actually running.

How hard is it to wear some cool sneakers with your jeans? Cons? Yep, tick. Thongs are never really ideal, unless you’re on the beach.




Invest in vests

Puffer vests come in all sort of colours and patterns. Layering is a cool way to look that little bit more glam when you’re running around in your casual gear. Longline vests are all the rage at the moment so try this over your usual get up for a more profesh approach to your style.


You should be feeling better already….

Image source: Pinterest, Mikuta.

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