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Post by Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

Some of you will think this is an impossible feat. I tell you. Have faith. Looking cool during pregnancy, and when it’s nearing the end, ain’t pretty. However, I learnt a couple of things along the way that helped ease the pressure when the bust, booty and belly are literally growing by the day.

Layer, like you’ve never layered before

It’s not about covering your bump so much, as it is about being comfortable and confident in what you’re wearing. I found some gorgeous long (light fabric) trench coats and cardigans were the way to go.


The waterfall / drape front cardi’s are so handy. Try and keep one that’s for nicer occasions / work. Or buy a few and rotate.


PRICE – $68 – BUY NOW!

Pick a uniform

Is your thing tight pants, tight singlet (long) and loose jacket/scarf? Or are you much more into your black stretch pants and denim shirt? Think about your daily uniform and then stick to what you know. Ie. if you like one particular pair of maternity pants, buy a few pairs in different colours (and potentially a denim) then mix and match with tops and stretchy dresses.


Blossom and glow oversize cardigan – $69 – BUY NOW!

Do Your Hair (but maybe, don’t do anything drastic)

Pregnant or not, having hair that’s done, smoothed, blow waved and clean (at the very least) will help your overall style. It will also naturally make you feel more confident. The hormones are raging and you may be inclined to go ‘the chop’. Can I recommend possibly doing this after you’ve had babe and everything’s settled down? I chopped a giant fringe and dyed my hair black during my first pregnancy. The ‘hormonal hair cut’ ….I’m sure you’ve all heard of someone that’s done it. So keep your hair pretty, totally book in for the up keep but stay away from drastic changes.


Glam it occasionally

Yes, you want to crawl into a ball and lay on your couch watching re-runs of the Kardash crew but that doesn’t mean every night needs to be like that. If you’ve got a chance to dress up and you’re feeling half decent, throw on a maternity frock. Asos have a really beautiful range.


Asos Scuba Body Con Dress – $95 – BUY NOW!

Where you can, wear flats

I understand that many ladies work right up until their due date so they have to wear a midi-high heel but where possible, try and wear flat shoes. Sneakers can be so cool, when styled properly. Black leggings, a grey cardi, and a nice patterned scarf (plus oversized sunnies) can be the one thing that keeps everything in sync. Then add your sneakers.


Scarves make all the difference to a seemingly borza outfit.


Seed tape fringe scarf – $29.95 – BUY NOW!

Sussan maternity knit denim jeans are super comf. Get involved.


PRICE – $89.95 – BUY NOW!

When all else fails, wear black

Us Melbourne girls are all over the black get up any given day of the week but when the lumps and bumps appear, black is a great way of feeling smoother and let’s be honest – you don’t have to think about the outfit at all.


Denim jackets are handy as hell

You don’t even have to purchase a maternity one. Team with stripes or a floral dress, for a bit of fun.


Get the whole look.


Boo Hoo jacket – $40 – BUY NOW!

[pic source: Pinterest, Seed, Asos]



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