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Winter is here and I’m in full hibernation mode. Throw me a packet of choc teddy bear biscuits, a good TV series, a soft throw rug, pjs, slippers and a good book, and I am SOLD. And possibly not moving for a long time. Hook, line and sinker in that couch. Here’s my seven fave things for winter, avail to purchase (and speedily delivered) via Amazon Australia.
  1. Throw rug. You can’t go past a cosy throw. If you need an update, Amazon Australia have a good variety. This one for $19.99, paired back beautifully with my fave chair. It’s nice and textured and super soft.
Amazon Australia throw rug only $19.99

2. Slippers. If you’re a true home bod, you take slippers very seriously. I have to be honest when I say most of the time, my slippers are pretty flimsy and get updated fairly regularly because I wear them day in, day out. These UGG (sheepskin inner) slippers are the real deal. You can absolutely duck outside too and they won’t be soaked through. A nice upgrade and pressie for the people who your life who love to well….lounge around.

Shop these UGG slippers. $36.99. You won’t regret it. Mmmmm….toasty.

3. Chai. Now, I know a lot of you may disagree with me. Or potentially disown me. But. I. Don’t. Drink. Coffee. There, I’ve said it. I adore my soy chai lattes, and if you’re a chai drinker, you’ll know that wet chai (not dried leaves) are so delicious in flavour it’s hard to drink any other way. Coffee drinkers who want to curb their habit might try chai. It’s such a comforting winter drink. Tippity Chai is available from Amazon Australia (and delivered in under 48 hours…yep, bonus!)

Tippity Chai is so delish for xx a jar!

4. Heat. I’m a sook when it comes to Winter. Hubbie and I are constantly discussing the temperature of the house once the kiddies have been put to sleep. Riveting conversation, I know. #marriedlife So when I saw this Kambrook column bar heater for $99, I actually took off my ski gear and announced to my other half I would never wear a beanie inside again. Warm wife = happy life. Also, it’s black (most of the ones I’ve seen are white!) and stores away very snugly next to my TV cabinet.

Turn up the heat with this Kambrook mini heater for $99.

5. Soft skin. Just like air con, constantly living in a heated home or workplace, dehydrates your skin. I’m a fiend for hand and face cream. I have it in my car, on my bedside, in my bathroom. I actually carry it in my hand bag too. My hands wil be the last part of me that ages, I assure you. Loving the look of this Antipodes tube and it smells divine. Good pressie idea, too.

Stay hydrated with Antipodes hand cream. $22.40.

6. Roast anything. Pork. Lamb. Chicken. Veggies. Winter hits and I turn into a roasting machine. Little tip with your taaaties ‘n’ pumpkin. Heat the olive oil up before pouring onto your par boiled veggies and they’ll crisp up like you’ve never seen. Salt them (a lot), and serve with home made gravy. Okay, I’m now dribbling. Yum.

Roasting tray by Le Creuset for $54 via Amazon Australia.

7. A good book. I saved the best ’til last. Winter calls for snuggling up and devouring an amazing book, and a block of Haigs peppermint crisp. I read more now than I ever have. Storytelling is at the heart of most things we love, so don’t forget to nurture your soul, and your family with a good story (even if you have to embellish the details!) every now and then.

Shop thousands of titles via Amazon Australia. Shop this gorgeous coffee table book.

This post is sponsored by Amazon Australia. The products were all personally hand picked by me.

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