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By Chief Bargain Hunter, and Mumma to Jude, 5 years and Clementine, 3 years – Chelsea Thomas

Harris Scarfe provided me with all this beautiful product to shoot some pretty special photos with my baby girl,  to accompany this post.

The last thing that Mothers Day needs to be expensive. Right?

I think we all race around like headless chooks our entire lives. And I think Mothers Day should be a day where you do whatever it is YOU WANT to do.

No hosting. No making lunches. No yelling for kids to put shoes on. Stay in your pjs. Be absurdly, grossly lazy. Don’t eat at set times. Don’t get back to that person who ‘needs you right now’.

So I thought I could shed some light on what you could do with a teeny, tiny budget.

Here’s 7 ideas to treat yo-self this MD.

  1. Don’t Get Up When You’re Woken Up. It’s an obvious one to start off with but have you ever had anyone else get up (elbow husband) to do the morning routine while you tuck up in bed, read an article of the paper (complete it) and have a hot cuppa and something yummy to eat? It’s divine. Harris Scarfe have these wonderfully beautiful pieces for breakie in bed. The photo shoot I completed shows a much prettier picture than my ACTUAL morning so treat it as inspo, GFs. 🙂


Faux fur throw currently half price ($69.95!), tray, Lag Sov pastel cutlery 6 x set down to $59.95 and dinnerware by Harris Scarfe. Saaaah stunning.

2. Have a day nap. I bloody dare you. So much of our life is structured and all about ‘doing’ and being productive. Don’t be productive on Mothers Day. Just be.

3. Open a book. And try and read a couple of pages. Or a magazine. Something that’s not your phone! Try it. You might learn something.

3. Finish playing with your kids. Sit. Listen to them. A friend told me kids need an average of 7-8 minutes a day of undivided attention so maybe try this on MD. I know how bad I am at not being distracted when ‘playing lego’ or ‘playing Barbies’. I feel so good if I battle the distraction to really sit and be with my kids, even for that short time.

Round tray for $34.95! Bright cushion in the background also half price at $24.95!

4. Eat cake. Try doing that while completing a conversation. Have a big slice. Or a nutella donut. Something crazy indulgent.


5. Go to a new park. Lots of deep breaths. Taking in the fresh air. And greenery. I sound like I’m preaching but leaving your devices in the car means you can

6. Walk. Anywhere. To a market you’ve always wanted to visit. Along a bike track. To a cafe for a bite to eat.

7. Hold someone’s hand. Your mums. Your partners. Your kids. And give them a super big cuddle for more than 20 seconds. Sounds like no time at all, but I guarantee you, you probably haven’d given anyone a lengthy hug for some time. Also heard this is really good for us as human beings. God, getting a bit deep in this post, hey? Hugs are free though guys.

8. Fill Your Home with Flowers. Every time I have flowers at the entrance to my home and in my dining area, I feel more together.

All homewares product by Harris Scarfe.

9. Make some memories and record them. Either do a little video as a family or take some pics that you promise yourself to print. You can even pre-purchase (for a silly $5.95) the frames to make sure you get some beautiful memories up onto your walls.

Photography: Jarrod Barnes


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