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Here at HAMI, we’re long time lovers of the store MOZI. Many a Thursday night late night shop has been spent at Chadstone fawning over the delightful, colourful and kitschy housewares and accessories they stock.

MOZI began as a labour of love between Melbourne based sisters Camilla and Olivia Tipler. Founded in 2005 out of their fathers garage, the sisters grew inspiration from a creative 80’s childhood full of pets, travel and adventures. MOZI has now grown into a much loved empire with many stores Australia wide and has a huge online presence.

Here are a few of our favourite picks of their current collections, all well under $50 too!

Mozi Bright Pink Enamel Salad Servers

MOZI Pink Bright Salad Servers - Enamel $39.95

$39.95 BUY NOW


Dark Ink Ceramic Textured Dinner Plate

MOZI Dark Ink Textured Ceramic Dinner Plate $16.95

$16.95 BUY NOW


White with Black Spot Ceramic Bowl

MOZI White With Black Spot Ceramic Bowl - Small $9.95

$9.95 BUY NOW


INKU Cotton Chambray Apron

Inku Cotton Chambray Apron $19.95

$19.95 BUY NOW


Dark Ink Textured Ceramic Mug

Dark Ink Textured Ceramic Mug_$9.95

$9.95 BUY NOW.


INKU Dark Cotton Chambray Table Runner

MOZI Inku Dark Cotton Chambray Tablerunner $19.95

$19.95 BUY NOW


Mien and Hannah from What Hami Found used to walk to school together, dreaming up big plans for the future and pooling their cash to buy iced finger buns. Fast forward 10 years and they’re now an Art Director and Actor with a shared infatuation for well-designed homewares that don’t hurt the hip pocket. What Hami Found (HAMI = Hannah + Mien) was born out of a desire to go in hunt of the unexpected, a love of styling (every inch of their lives) and many years of daydreams. The girls source, style and share their love of homewares on Instagram and Facebook. Follow their journey!

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