About Me - I Heart Bargains



I’m Chelsea Thomas and I heart bargains! More than you could ever imagine. I’ve always had an obsession with hunting down beautiful clothes, shoes and accessories and styling those bargain items with my current wardrobe.


For years, I’ve spent my weekends; filling my online cart with countless garments to get that luxe look for a whole lot less. I had just had to share that journey with other bargain lovers.


So in 2012, I Heart Bargains was established. Now, we’re the biggest bargain blog in Australia, with thousands of women across the world checking in with what my team and I are finding, under $100!


In addition to fashion we also cover affordable homewares too.


I’ve never spent much on clothes and since having my darling kids, Jude and Clementine, the budget is even tighter. I know how hard it is trying to work, be social and be a mother, while still keeping some sort of standard of fashion.


I aim to share where I go (on the street and online) and how to style up a bargain outfit or room.


I want women to know they can look cool every day, without it hurting their bank balance. You’ll notice I keep my eyes peeled for items below $100.00 which sets us apart from any other bargain blog.


I do hope you share in the joy of my passion for cheap fashion. So sit back and know that the trawling has already been done for you.


Happy hunting hearters!