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With our focus more on making sure our side cabinet matches our side table or getting the perfect balance between too many throw cushions vs. the perfect amount – sometimes our minds and our budgets can leave little space for filling our walls.

Wall art is not only an expression and reflection of the inhabitants of a house but also makes houses feel like homes. A print or painting can pull a room together as much as sofa but it doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg!

Here is some art we want gracing our walls!

Lark Crochet Words
Screen shot 2015-08-21 at 11.08.14 PM$19.95 – BUY NOW

Lark Boom Boom A3 print
$49.95 – BUY NOW

Urban Outfitters Invisible Bookshelf

2 for $24 – BUY NOW

Urban Outfitter Copper Wire Wall Grid

$49 – BUY NOW

Lark Belinda Marshall No Pressure Print
Lark_BelindaMarshall_NoPressure3Print_20.3x17cm_$45$45 – BUY NOW

Kreo Home Kat Lee Llama Print
Kreo_Home_Cat_Lee_Llama_IFoundHappiness_$40(A4)$40 – BUY NOW

Hard to Find Chanel Watercolour

$24.95 – BUY NOW

Keeki Lennox Wall Hanging
Keeki_Lennox_Wall_Hanging_30x70cm_$45.99$45.95 – BUY NOW

Hard to Find “Just Be” Wooden Flag

HardtoFind_JustBeWoodenFlag_StudioThirtyTwo_$28$28 – BUY NOW

Home Apparel “Be Kind” Bianca Cash Print

Home_Apparel_BeKindPrint_Bianca_Cash_A4_$30 $30 – BUY NOW

Hard to Find Felt Flag
HardtoFind_DestinedForGreatness_Felt_Flag_ToddlesNoodles_$31$31 – BUY NOW

Typo Throw in the Towel Tea Towel Now
Typo_ThrowInTheTowel_$9.99$6.99 – BUY NOW [Currently 30% OFF]

Typo Poster 40x50cm

Now $10.49 – BUY NOW [Currently 30% OFF]


Mien and Hannah from What Hami Found used to walk to school together, dreaming up big plans for the future and pooling their cash to buy iced finger buns. Fast forward 10 years and they’re now an Art Director and Actor with a shared infatuation for well-designed homewares that don’t hurt the hip pocket. What Hami Found (HAMI = Hannah + Mien) was born out of a desire to go in hunt of the unexpected, a love of styling (every inch of their lives) and many years of daydreams. The girls source, style and share their love of homewares on Instagram and Facebook.
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[Pic Credit: Lark, Urban Outfitters, Kreo Home, Hard to Find, Keeki, Home Apparel]

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