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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

Dear BIG W, thank you for really pushing the boundaries. We’re not used to seeing such insanely cool pieces amongst your wares. Keep doing what you’re doing. And bringing it to us at such a good price.

The $24.50 denim dress styled with $39 tan boots.

How pretty is the sleeve detail? And note the gold zip on the boots.

This bomber beauty is down to $24.95….seriously. And the well fit denim jeans only $24.95.

Shoes are by Rubi Shoes.

Slow down the day with BIG W’s striped top (that covers your bum) and $24.50 frayed bottom jeans. These are so spectacularly coloured in person. New faves with $7 sneakers.

School run totally sorted with this long, hooded cardi in blue for $27.30.

Navy knit dress (instore only). How’s the matching boots down to just $20? (they’re called Chelsi’s too!) 🙂

So comfortable ‘n’ cool. And such a bargain. Just how I like it.

Photography: Jarrod Barnes

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