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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

I had a very strong brief in my head when it came to ‘making over’ my 3 year old daughter’s room. She’s a bit eccentric. She’s slightly like me, a bit coo-coo. Doesn’t like Barbies. She’s a foot stamper. A lolly lover and a very lucky little girl, who happened to take over mummy’s nice, bright, light office space. I have a very soft spot for Clem, who is a mini free spirit and I wanted her room to be dreamy, bright, and not over the top.

When I walked through the home for the first time, I was pregnant with Clementine and I thought if I ever have a little girl, she will sleep in ‘that room’. Little did I know that 8 weeks later I’d give birth to Miss Clem.

Glow lights ($14.95 in moon and icecream) shop here.

The Lulu pom pom tee pee is slightly more than $100, $149 in fact and avail here.

Side note: I tried my utmost to be under $100, but it’s very difficult when you’re fitting out a room from scratch. I’m sure you’ll all understand that. 🙂

So now, years on, it’s time to move her out of our teeny tiny ‘study’ and into her big girl room. I’ve had my head down (sometimes up my ass) in work for many, many nights and days (years, let’s be honest) and I am finally turning my attention to my own home.

I needed a reason to do a quick room flip. And have a deadline.

Welcome Pillowtalk to the equation who have just announced a brand new bedding range for kids. And the girls’ creations and designs (all done in-house) are spectacular.

My deadline was set.

I’d already painted it a Dulux Sea Foam colour, and kept the skirts a warm white. The bedhead is a luxe purchase (sometimes, that’s okay) from Family Love Tree. I also had a spare double bed in storage so because of the size of the room, I set her up in a double. (Spoilt, i know, but a single bed would not have cut it, taking into account the wall space).

The Pillowtalk unicorn bedding (from $89.95 single) worked in perfectly with my crazy Clem vibes, and it was the same aesthetic as what I envisioned. Splashes of navy. Soft but not so soft it could be a newborn’s room. And mystical in nature.

A mystical galaxy on the flip side. I will style it all navy too.

So instead of waiting for another year to go by, I jumped at the chance to use Pillowtalk’s pretty perfect product to showcase Clementine’s new room.

The Australian Lambskin is a winner to create a book nook. A soft throw will do, if you don’t have the budget.

I like a strong girls room. With a bit of a punch.

The Star cushion ($24.95), bow cushion ($24.95) and swan ($49.95)(my personal fave) add character to the bed and personalises the space. You could even add your own navy, grey or neutral coloured cushions if you wanted to.

No rules!

The Trixie triangular bed sides (navy) are only $39. They do come in lots of other colours however I didn’t opt for the norm (pink, white) and the navy worked really well with the pattern in the doona cover.

I managed to get the Betsy side table lamps for 2 x for $50 in a super deal that on (and still is)! Thrilled with that price.

The soft pink fluffy stool is Pillowtalk, available in store.

The book shelf is actually Aldi ($39.95).

The arrow cushion featured in the tee pee is also Pillowtalk and the basket is by Dutch Warehouse (from $44).

I placed a striped grey rug ($89.95) with tassels under the end of the bed to break up the base, and I love that the tee pee doubles as a cubby for after kindy hangs.

The sheet sets are super soft (from $45), and come in lots of colour waves.

All in all, a big success and a project that I think my little girl with love and remember forever.

Imagery: Liz Halloran

I’m wearing: Rizzkid dress


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