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By Chief Bargain Hunter (and hair-obsessed) Chelsea Thomas

To answer my question in the title to suck you into reading this (suckerrrrr) I think yes. I believe blondes have more fun and you aren’t as limited in what you wear. There. I said it. No offence to every brunette who reads the blog. (Full offence probably taken…don’t worry I just fully offended my new self too)!

When you’re blonde, it’s much easier to wear soft pastels, playful floral patterns and heavy black fashion (which we do a lot in Melbourne). It naturally is a much more ‘fun’ colour.

So why’d I go brown? Not sure actually. Ha. *insert awkward laugh* And no, I wasn’t approached by Garnier (aka Carrie Bickmore) although I was surprised with the number of questions I received the night I put first put it up on Instagram Stories. I was quite surprised. So many people take an interest in hair, don’t they? It’s slightly whacky…..but I think most people have a transition period of slowly turning caramel, dark brown, then chocolate right?

I’m quite swayed by the opinions of close friends and my sister who’s been at me for a while to ‘change it up.’ On the drive to the hairdresser I still had not made up my mind.

I also thought how long can I look at pictures of myself with blonde hair, seeing the outfit posting has become part of IHB’s DNA? You guys must be getting pretty bloody bored of the whole thing.

My sister, Sharni told me I actually need to ‘mature a little’ and ‘thicken the look of my short hair’ etc. Going brunette is obviously a way to do this. I’m quite indulgent when it comes to the hair conversations, clearly. We spoke about it for a while.

Then I visited my hairdresser Ash at Three Blind Mice in Hawthorn (no, this is not sponsored) and we talked it over and she suggested a semi-permanent colour, allowing some blonde to still poke it’s head through. To give it a more natural overall look, rather than lego-head-brown.

Not only did I choose dark, I cut a fringe. I know, high maintenance. I’m not going to lie. It is super high maintenance.

As is my new regime of tanning literally every second day because I am so pale, against the dark hair.

I do like the idea of a rapid change, especially for the new year….people say a change is good as a holiday….but I still like holidays and would take cocktails by the pool over a trip to see Ash any day of the week. Sorry Ash.

My inspo was this pic of Carmen Grace Hamilton from Chronicles of Her. And some old pictures of (don’t laugh at my hoping the new cut would make me look like her) Helena Christensen. Pity my face didn’t mould into hers.

Straight away my hairdresser said that both of my sources have massive heads of thick hair (dammit) and I have lots of very fine hair. Bummer. So my hair is never going to look as ‘full’ as theirs.



And the end result was this….


Bit vintage, chocolatey brown. I want to wear red all the time now.

Ash swept the fringe into a parting. Sea sprayed all over. Smoothed the back and then crinkle cut the sides. Nearly pulling your straightener up and then down, and doing it all the way to the ends of the hair. But not doing it to every section. It’s a more messy bed-style look.

Whatchoo think?

My view is, life is WAY to short to have long or short hair the ENTIRE time. Change it up a little. Get some layers. And if you don’t think it’s fully sick straight away, wait and then you can always go back to the old ‘fun’ you should you want to.


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