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My fashionista blogger sister, Erin Maxwell of Love Shop Share wears these dainty, fine gold rings and they’re so delicate and pretty. I’ve been eyeing them off for a while and I thought I should literally share her love of them, here.

It’s not the fashion to just wear rings where you would ordinarily (at the base of the finger)…it’s cool to wear rings on each knuckle…like this pic shows.

I adore this type of thing because it’s so girly and gorgeous and you can make up your own eclectic collection.

Here’s a few you can purchase and try out with the rings you already own.

Try hearts, LOVE symbols, bows and stars.

PRICE – $44.95 – BUY NOW!

And then if you’re a more silver girl try the sweet star by Karen Walker.

PRICE – $49 – BUY NOW!

[pic source: The Iconic, Pinterest]

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