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Post by Cate Massi – Individual Style 101

A Trench Coat is a staple in the wardrobe department!

It is one of the big guns,  as it doesn’t have any rivals.

The TRENCH is practical and a statement piece, all in one.

So if you haven’t got one OR you need to replace one, lets go shopping!


First, we have to talk about YOU!

YOUR needs, YOUR style and YOUR body shape.

I’ll wait here, while you go get a coffee/water/wine or tea …. oh, and grab a pen and paper.


OK, your back, lets get started …


 The Petite Girl

* Avoid voluminous cuts and big lapels. Keep the details simple and classic. We don’t want the trench to drown you.


Target –  Dannii Minogue Petites Longline Trench – Wine

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.29.04 pm

The Busted Girl

  • Avoid double breasted trench coats, with two rows of buttons, it can make you appear wider than you are. The lapels can be larger as this will balance out your bust line.


The Small Busted Girl

  • Choose a double breasted trench. 


Misguided – Tall Exclusive Military Trench Coat Navy

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.30.31 pm


The Girl who lives in the warmer parts of OZ

  • Your TRENCH should be lightweight in fabric, maybe a cotton blend. This is so you can wear it for more months of the year. When you do get a cold snap, all you need to do is layer underneath with wool blends.


The Girl in the colder parts of OZ

  • Consider the weight of your trench as you will be taking it on and off more and sometimes carrying it. You defiantly need a warm one, but it doesn’t have to weigh like a ton of bricks.


ASOS – Only Longline Belted Trench Coat

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.31.35 pm

$90.87 – BUY NOW


The First time Girl

  • Make your first trench a timeless trench by choosing a beige, black, camel or grey colour. These colours will go with mostly everything in your wardrobe. So you can experiment with how you want to wear it.


The Girl who loves her Trench

  • Experiment girlfriend! Look out for a pink, mint green or lemon coloured trench, next season pastels are the new black.


Target – Yours Sincerely Longline Coat

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.32.45 pm

$99 – BUY NOW


The I don’t know how to wear it Girl

  • With everything of course! For play, slip it over jeans with a knit and sneakers. For work, pop it over your suiting and workwear. For after 5, it will look gorgeous over your little back dress and heels.

Asos – Misguided Military Trench Coat

Screen Shot 2016-06-04 at 9.34.07 pm

$97.36 – BUY NOW

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