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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

It’s not every day you get asked if you would like to stay overnight (BNB-style) in a display home. I thought the idea was highly creative so I jumped at the chance, and let’s be honest it’s one of those things that probably would never do, unless invited with lush pamper packs by Afternoon Pick Me Up and breakfast included.

So hubby and I packed an overnight bag and headed for the Vic Homebuyers Centre in Kalkallo. It did not disappoint. All the corners of the 4 bedroom / 2 bathroom home were styled to perfection. And to my happiness, there was many affordable brands peppered throughout the home.

The best part?

You also have the chance to win an overnight HBNB experience by clicking on over to their website for a full rundown of how to get yourself into one of their robes for a chilled night in. Try, before you buy….

If you’re on the hunt for a new home, and it’s your first, I think you should check these homes out. Great sizes. I felt comfortable and they’re luxe. It surprised me immensely.

My photographer, Lizzie and I snapped our fave spaces in the home to share with you all.

The house was so beautifully styled. Little nooks for reading, books and side tables.

The Target linen and sweet prints (with a splash of green) is highly effective to make the room pop with some colour. But it’s not overbearing is it?

An ensuite (with double basin) never looked so damn good.

Styled shelves store everything you need for your home to tick. Clock, mini pots and plants, some memorable reads and a desk area for where the magic happens.

And the wide shot. Isn’t it gorgeous with the ‘think happy thoughts’ print. Anything circular will be more homely than an object with sharp edges. Always good to keep in mind.

I’m not normally drawn to the kitchen (in my own home, funny that!) but how’s these pendants? Seriously.

Yes cuppa tea time.

And the view of the kitchen at Vic Homebuyers Centre in Kalkallo. Greenery is hugging this whole property. Pretty special.

I was sponsored to visit and review the home. And I had a bloody good time, child-free. 🙂

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