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Post by Cate Massi Individual Style 101

OH …. it’s a big question all right, that worries a lot of us.

I get asked a lot “Is this age appropriate?”

My reply is “how do you feel?”

I believe its all about the individual and an age limit can’t be placed on us or our wardrobes.

Fashion rules should be used as a guide as we are all so unique and different in so many ways.



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This look is screaming “Effortless Cool”

These staple pieces are classic with a modern edge. A good black or white tee in your wardrobe is a must. You can add a statement necklace for a “POW”

Replace the sneaker for a heel or ankle boot to dress up the look.

Tip: Remember your accessories finish off the look.


  • Dress to flatter your body shape.
  • Be kind to yourself
  • If it doesn’t fit, don’t wear it
  • Get fitted for a bra.
  • If you can see your underwear lines visible from the outside, they are probably to tight
  • If your nail polish is chipped, take it off.
  • Present your best self
  • If your pants or jackets are to long, get them altered
  • Wear a smile
  • Don’t compare yourself to others

– Tie Knot Stripe Pencil Skirt

image1xxl (1)

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This is the must have white tee in action. The model is wearing it with a relaxed vibe, however by putting on a black jacket, a heel and tying her hair back, she could be off to a corporate meeting.

TIP: The cross body bag is right on trend at present, so keep an eye out. It’s a fun way to add a pop to your outfit by clashing prints & colours with your bag.

I think in our 20’s we are still discovering who we are becoming. In our 30’s and 40’s we can fine tune our personal style or reclaim it after having our children, whatever the case is, knowing what suits us internally and externally is the question. Once that is realised, shopping is so much easier and more enjoyable.

– Vila Graphical Kimono


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The “Kimono” can literally be put over anything.

It’s perfect over your LBD little black dress OR wear it with your jeans and a white tee.

Our gorgeous model above is dressing it up with a leather look pants and black tee, give her some killer heels and a fun clutch and she’s ready to go out for a cocktail with the girls.

In my 20’s, my choices were guided by what I thought my peers would approve of and what I could afford. I bought things that were on trend whether they suited my body shape or not. Now I choose things that suit my shape and that express my personal style and what I am doing at the time. Some of us will have a wardrobe that reflects us at work and a different one for play. Some of us can interchange our wardrobes. Its important to have a solid understanding of how you want to present your “BEST SELF” at work and play. And of course know how to express your relaxed or creative sides as well as your professional persona, without fear of judgement.

Life Of Style Ex Boyfriend Jeans



The ripped jeans look, is still on trend and there are so many different ways you can style them.

One of my girlfriends , wore a pair yesterday with a white loose cotton 3/4 sleeve top, peep toe ankle bootie in a soft neutral colour, a cross-body bag and silver bling. The result was fun, feminine and on point!

Do watch out for where the rips are placed and how big they are. If you feel the look is to much for you, I suggest you look at the ones that only have a rip at the knee. PS. This is one look that should stay away from work.

TIP : Waisted jeans are the way to go! It doesn’t matter what size you are, if you are wearing low rise jeans and you bend over you have a 99.9% chance of showing off your undies #notgood

Our style and choice of clothing does give those around us a sense of who we are. As we are judged by most in the first few minutes of meeting someone.

So I suppose for me and the changes I have gone through since my 20’s, it’s mostly my attention to detail. Knowing who I am and being comfortable in what I am wearing. This is the key to dressing authentically to represent your best you!

TARGET – Stripe Border Wrap



This will be your favourite winter go to!!

It’s easy to wear and you will feel a little chic, when you throw it on.

It will also keep the winter chills away. For us in the north, it can be worn with light layers underneath. Chelsea, you have the option of wearing it with thin wool layers depending on what Melbourne is offering you.

Style it with jeans, leggings, skirts, dresses !!!!

TIP: Always fold your knits, never hang them as they with loose their shape.

ASOS – Long Sleeve Deep V Wrap Front Blouse


PRICE $29.41 – BUY NOW

This blouse is perfect for work OR play.

It will look amazing with your jeans and sneakers for a chilled look OR an ankle boot, cross-body bag and some bling for a cool go out vibe OR team it with a pencil skirt and heel for work.

TIP : Remember when you are wearing a V neckline (especially to work, check to see that you aren’t showing off your assets when you bend over) you get the picture.

Happy Shopping

Cate X

Hello, my name is Cate. I am a lover of Family, Fashion and Food. At home I am a Mumma to two Minecraft obsessed, cereal eating boys and wife to a sensible Aquarian fixe rider, who is comfortable wearing a suit or a sarong. My passion is helping woman to, reclaim their style or change it completely. I love to spread positive mojo to fill their hearts and wardrobes with beautiful pieces.

Cate’s website is here and you can follow her on Instagram here and Facebook here.

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