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Post by Brisbane Stylist Cate Massi, Individual Style 101.

If clean lines, a neutral palate and watching Breakfast at Tiffany’s makes you smile, keep reading! I have some CLASSIC STYLE inspo coming your way.

If you’re not sure what I’m going on about and you like the pictures above, you may want to look into adding a few ‘classic’ pieces to your wardrobe. It’s as easy as a White Collared Shirt, Black Pant, Pointed Toe Flat, Statement Bag, Sunnies and a bright lip!

Some of you maybe thinking,  “Why choose a classic look?”

To put it simply,  a classic wardrobe does not date and is always on trend. The pieces in it are always easy to mix and match which will give you so many options. It’s a clean, no fuss kind of vibe and when done well, its simplicity and effortless cool looks, can give the most show stopping appeal. Less is more as they say.

GLASSONS – Classic Capri Pant


$39.99 – BUY NOW

Easy for everyday comfort, while still looking on trend, modern and stylish.59.99

There are so many options with these pants, if you would like to dress them up and take them out, pair them with a white collared shirt, statement necklace and a classic pointed heel and clutch.

Wear them as above, seven days a week, for coffee dates, school pick ups and admin days when running from A to B.


GLASSONS – Wide Leg Pant


$59.99 – BUY NOW

The wide leg pant is a staple in any Classic wardrobe.

Style for Play – They look fab with a sneaker and tee.

Style for Work – Team them with a blouse and jacket

Night Games – Rock them with a big heel, a fitted top and some bling.


KATIES – Long A-Line Skirt


ON SALE $19.95 – BUY NOW

The A-Line black skirt is a must-have in the wardrobe department.

Like the wide leg pant it’s a chameleon in your wardrobe.

It looks fabulous in so many different situations, just by changing a couple of things.

Example – to play up the look of the girl above, lets put a cuff on her wrist, earrings and a cross body handbag in neutrals tones, maybe a little animal print to spice it up.

Then to play it down – let’s change the ankle boots to a white sneaker, the khaki top to a white tee and add a back pack.

KATIES – Classic Trench


$99.95 – BUY NOW

If you google “how to dress in a classic way” something like this will pop up.

This style of trench coat is an investment in your wardrobe.

It can be worn over nearly everything from your little black dress to your jeans and white tee.

When its cold you can wear warm layers underneath and when it’s not cold, wear something cool and light.

Trenches come in all colours, I suggest starting with a beige or light tan as you will get more use out of it in the warmer months.

KATIES – 3/4 Stripe Tunic


$39.95 – BUY NOW

The striped tee, how I love thee!

Team it with your Capri Pant, denim jacket and ankle boot.

It will look cool with jeans and a blazer.

Or tuck it into your A-Line skirt or wide leg pant.

And then just add your Trench over all of the above, when needed.

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