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Finally it feels like Spring. And then we know how fast the time spring by and we’re in the heat of summer. I have recently made over by backyard (not as interesting as my home décor updates) but nonetheless it will be our space for late nights, barefoot, hanging with friends.

So it was no surprise I got excited when Spotlight delivered their news about their new Tropicana range, which to me says ‘party, sun and total fun’. There’s also some elements that you can pull out if you want a more conservative get together…..let’s be honest, who’s having those these days?

It’s a pop of colour when you’re entertaining that makes all the difference. And how’s the pink flamingo balloon down to $9.99? See below pic.

Cover your table in a cool table cloth (or bold coloured) and then style your place mats over the top. For $5.60 each, what a bargain! Personally I’m a fan of the flamingos.

There is a plainer (straw) version if you fancy something more plain. Same price at $5.60 a place mat.

Now to the colourful drink stand, with mix ‘n’ match glass bottles. At $1.40 each I think you can grab all four to create this look.

For outside (with kids and some adults that can get a little ‘happy’ shall we say?) how about some melamine bowls and plates in some lovely, soft colours? Like, pink sorbet! The bowls double as great fruit bowls for kids, any time of year, so you absolutely get your full use out of them. 🙂 They’re currently down to $4.20 each.

Decorate your walls with a row some seasonal bunting to go with.

And for those super keen on the theme, the Tropicana range does not stop at just outdoor entertaining. You can collect a whole lot of affordable pieces for inside the home too!

The bedding below is between $65 and $90 depending on the quilt size.

I have my heart set on the $20 mirror, for Clementine’s new room. How stunning is it? (see below and left). And $20!! What a divine gift, to hang anywhere in your home.

To finish off, you can always have a stash of Tropicana cushions at your fingertips and pull them out, for balmy nights with your mates.

This content is sponsored by Spotlight, cheers to summer time with the fam-bam and friends.

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