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Since forever, I’ve always loved the feeling of giving back. I mean, don’t we all? There’s nothing better than handing over a gift and seeing a really big smile or a tear in their eyes, because you’ve put in that extra bit of effort.

I knew once I grew the IHB community to a decent size, I wanted to do something memorable. I wanted to give back to some deserving mums in our communities.

I’ve had it on my list of work things to do, for some time. Personally, it was one of my main focuses for 2019 but I never anticipated that Australia Post would come onboard in such a big way, to assist me providing 50 x gift boxes and delivering them to all corners of Australia, for Mother’s Day.

Six weeks ago, I headed into Aus Post where we all discussed the nuts and bolts of the logistics of our idea. We wanted to send 50 x boxes, chocca block full of beautfiul product to 50 mums who deserved a gorgeous Mother’s Day gift. Here’s all the product they agreed to give away!

I was so impressed with what Australia Post decided to give to the 50 Mums!
50 x mums received all of this product which is available to purchase on the Aus Post website.

My personal faves from the packs were the Jamie Oliver cook books and oil diffuser.

The next phase was finding the 50 Mums to receive a pack. This was far bigger than I ever anticipated. I personally received more than 800 emails, with stories of love, friendship and women recognising other women in their communities.

I heard from sons and daughters (young and older) who wanted their mums to receive something special and I received touching emails from friends who were watching their girlfriends endure some hardship. All of the emails warmed my heart; the fact there were 800 people out there willing to nominate their loved ones, really made me emotional.

Onto packing day, and boy did I get an outpouring of support and help. Physcially pulling the packs together did take quite a bit of prep, and elbow grease. My gorgeous husband, who’s always by my side, was my muscle as we set up a long production line at my office at Creative Cubes. Insta mates, Olivia White and Krystal from House of Harvee also offered a hand and helped spread the word.

Krystal, from House of Harvee and Olivia White from @houseofwhite_ packing away…
Every Mum will receive a Google Chromecast
Couldn’t resist including this pic, of Avery. @houseofharvee
We’re done, and now ready to post out for Mother’s Day!

I can’t wait to see the looks on the Mums faces when they receive the boxes in the lead up to Mother’s Day.

Imagery: @tanyamaccreative

Australia Post was a partner of I Heart Bargains for this activity.

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