If you love sleep, read this.

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Early to bed has been a goal I’ve continued to try and master this year. It makes my whole day roll better. I’m more productive. Less anxious. If you get good amounts of sleep, life just flows better. There’s no doubt about it.

I like soft sheets, pastel textiles, and LOADS of cushions decorating my master bed. We upgraded to a king in the last couple of years (talk about change your life).

Twice a year I change up my bedroom look, with quilt, new sheets, pillowcases, a throw and I have grown quite fond of the heavier-set quilt at the base of my bed.

Last week, I whipped through IKEA to update that look and freshen up my space in time for Spring.

As most of you know I enjoy moodier tones, and I always gravitate to deeper palettes in the feature cushions and hero throws, to accentuate the whiteness and crispness of the sheets. Provides a beautiful contrast.

New look, with pastels & moody tones…

IKEA has everything you need to transform your bedroom, under one roof from the bed frame, mattresses, sheets, quilt covers. You name it. And a wide range of 100% sustainable cotton textiles and is on a journey to continue this commitment.

The INGABRITTA pink throw is reduced to $29.99 and sits so beautifully. Easy to style. The GULVED dark blue bedspread ($99) that covers the entire bed, I folded down to create layers. It creates a fantastic contrast with the white bedspread.

I like to have one feature cushion. The gold and white polka dot cushion (only $5.99) was a winner as the cute addition to the bedroom. The pink euro, AINA cushions ($19.99) provide some balance to the whole look and could easily be used in other lounge areas of the home. The SANELA deep green velvet-feel cushions are only $7.99 and pack a punch on a lighter coloured doona cover.

Keep bedside clutter to a bare minimum & experiment with colour.

As for the bedside table, I discovered the NIKKEBY option ($99) and it’s the perfect piece for a bedroom (plenty of storage) and against a white wall, just wow! It’s only $99 and part of the brand new collection. I also put it together myself…THAT is saying a lot.

I like to keep the accessories on bedsides to a minimum, but this GRADVIS vase ($14.99) is a real statement. And the small brass coloured clock ($14.99) fits in any space.

Lastly, I picked the NATTJASMIN sheet set because they’re great for hot sleepers. Bonus. IKEA have many white quilt sets that suit warmer and cooler climates, to ensure you get the best night’s sleep!

This content is sponsored by IKEA. I hand picked all of the products to make the styling and look, my very own.

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