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By Chief Bargain Hunter, Chelsea Thomas

I was so very fortunate to be invited by Jeanswest to explore and understand the story of where and how our Australian cotton grows and is harvested.  Then eventually, we get to wear it. Beautiful soft cotton, that’s breathable, light weight and stylish.

It’s something we probably don’t think about, as we browse the racks of our favourite retailers. But having seen the care, the effort and all the things that have to be absolutely perfect (environment, temperature, rainfall, picking time) for the cotton to be picked, you start to really appreciate the work that goes into one cotton shirt.

Pulling up next to the cotton fields for the first time was a breathtaking experience. I have never seen anything like it.

White, bobbly, cotton plants as far as the eye could see. It was an ocean of cotton set against a backdrop of searing blue skies. I was able to walk through rows and rows of cotton plants. When you go to touch the cotton you realise parts of the plant are actually quite prickly, and are protecting the big, soft, fluffy part of the plant that we’re all very familiar with.

The Krystal Australian Cotton shirt , which I’m wearing (above), is available is sizes 8-16. Wonderful to see Jeanswest supporting larger sizing too.

The cotton wool ball is exactly what you would imagine. White, fluffy, and pulls apart like fairy floss. In the wind, the cotton plants appear to be dancing.

Jeanswest have a collection of 100% Australian cotton which I was excited about sharing with you all.

In winter its a non negotiable for me, to have a handful of knits you can throw on, and your outfit looks finished and fun.

This gentle striped knit fits the bill and is styled very casually with a rolled up denim which you can shop here.

Alaysia Cotton Australia Space Dye Pullover here.

If you like more of a neutral look, this is a good option.

SHOP the Cambria Cotton Australia Boat Neck Knit here. And the Alison Mom Jean here.

Interested in a knit kimono? Looks sweet over a plain white tee with some fine gold accessories.

SHOP THE Azalea Cotton Australia Space Dye Kimono here.

If you’re wanting a change from the denim jeans, try a natural coloured chino pant, which I would throw on with a leopard print scarf and a denim jacket. Again, a very easy and cute outfit for a day with the kids, or a weekend running around.

SHOP THE Julia Chino Pant here.

Denim jacket arriving instore on Tuesday 17 July.

Imagery credit: Jeanswest





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