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By Jude’s Mamma and Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

I’ve been promising Jude that he can get a ‘new room’ for sometime now. If you remember I finished Clementine’s (4 years going on 16) very early on the piece. You can read about her makeover here.

Because it’s been so long in the making I knew exactly what Jude wanted. Bold, colourful (eek, I know I really wanted to do muted tones with a bit of colour) he loves dinosaurs and also adores to play on his floor with trucks and lego. He was big on formalising his desk space (very serious about his ‘own drawing time,’ building us his side hustles etc) ha. 🙂

I’d already painted a feature wall and purchased a denim, style tailored blind for his window so I wanted to work within those themes, and add some more spark. He’s a 7 year old boy, so it had to be fun and ferocious with the pops of colour. Oh, I nearly forgot, he wanted a display shelf for all the lego he builds. Like a display for his precious pieces…we all get that!

Uni Hill Factory Outlets offered to assist with some of the product, in giving his room a little lift, with some affordable product. I was amazed with what I actually found in the way of homewares at Uni Hill. I had found plenty of fashion bargains over the years but had never ventured to Uni Hill for a list of pretty specific homewares.


Here are the good old before shots. As you can see the walls are bare, and there’s not a whole lot pulling the room together as a cohesive space. I always just gave him furniture off the back of my styling shoots and gifted products but they didn’t really fit with the overall look and feel.

My planning for the shelf was very professional as you can see below. Also you can see we’re working with a fairly small space too.

The colour scheme

Early on, my style assist (and absolute legend and manager of The Block Shop, Harrie Highpants) agreed that a rusty coloured red colour would do just nicely, and match in with the Rug Addiction rug. We needed to find pieces to draw that theme together. We also decided the teal green was a winner, as well as the deep, denim blue tones.


It was important for me to ensure Jude felt that he was part of the design process. Sprout and Sparrow sent me this print for Jude some time ago and I just popped it into a Kmart frame and hung in a cluster with Sloth print ($15) from Adairs. Alongside the boheme print by Grotti Lotti who do incredibly colorful pieces as well, for kids rooms.

We turned this around in a matter of 2-3 days, with under $1,000 (bedhead was already purchased through Black Mango).

  • Dinosaur Bedding – Adairs
  • Rust coloured throw – Bed Bath ‘N Table
  • Dinosaur cushion – Adairs
  • Teal cushion – Bed Bath ‘N Table
  • Bed side table – Snooze (custom made here in Melbourne)
  • The bed with trundle – Snooze –  (purchased 2 years ago)
  • Lamp – Kaisercraft only $59.95! **(Uni Hill) THIS is the BEST store at Uni Hill for wrapping paper, cards, home decor and much more! Great fake plants, lots of different vases and things for kids rooms and gifts!
  • Cactus’ and lego man (top shelf) – Spoilt Homewares and Gifts (at Uni Hill)
  • Rug – Rug Addiction
  • Shelf (1.2m long) – ikea
  • Shelf (leather straps) – H+G designs

This lamp really made the space and we picked it up from Kaisercraft for under $60! Bargain, baby!

Next half of the room were his play shelves and desk!

We DIY’d some wrapping paper (3 for $10 at Kaisercraft) and cut it to fit the pin board space so Jude could pin his art as he pleased. Cute way to display artwork and any of his awards. Ca-ute!

From top

All of the below products were picked up at Uni Hill Factory Outlet (at discounted prices) apart from the desk stool.

  • Circular baskets – Spoilt Homewares and gifts
  • Star wars keep cup – Spoilt Homewares
  • Cloud print wrapping paper for DIY wall paper / pinboard – Kaisercraft
  • Polka dot cushion and cannisters – Spoilt Homewares
  • Desk Stool (white) – Fantastic Furniture
  • Money box + Globe – Kaisercraft
  • DIY Cardboard animals in left corner – Spoilt Homewares

I hope this gives you a little bit of inspo for doing up your son’s (or daughters) room!


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