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Gold embellished artwork? Yes please!


A hint of gold or rose gold adds vibrancy and glamour to any room. Check out our top 10 golden goodies under $100.


YOU ARE ADORED gold foil art print by The Lepolas


Price – $30 – BUY NOW


EAT WELL TRAVEL OFTEN photographic print by Cat Coquillette


Price – $12 – BUY NOW


GOLD TREE RINGS art print by Cat Coquillettersz_1gold-tree-rings-printsPrice – $35 – BUY NOW


BRIDGES BURNED art print by Cat Coquilettebridges_flat800x800070f-u1Price – $40 – BUY NOW


IMAGINATION gold foil art print with by The Lepolas701x466-croppedPrice – $35.95 – BUY NOW


ROSE GOLD & MARBLE (with custom letter) art print from Olive et Orielrsz_rose_gold_marble_1_1024x1024Price – $19.95 (without frame) – BUY NOW


LAYERS OF ROSE GOLD art print by Marblecorsz_layers-of-rose-gold-prints

Price – $13- BUY NOW


GOLD MARBLE art print by Marta Olga Klararsz_gold-marble-sgm-printsPrice – $18 – BUY NOW


WHITE AND GOLD GEOMETRIC PATTERN 3 art print by Klara Acelrsz_white-and-gold-geometric-pattern-3-printsPrice – $17 – BUY NOW


YOU ARE SO LOVED metalic art print by Erin Condren1852482062_wall-art_11x14_you-are-so-loved_gold-foil_simplexPrice – $40 – BUY NOW


Main image credit: LovelyPosters 

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