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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

I feel like we just celebrated Mother’s Day 2016 but here we are again, celebrating ourselves (ha!) our own mothers, sisters and good friends. That’s how fast the year is flying for me. I feel like all Mums should actually get the day off on MD. Finish a hot cupppa coffee, not a cold one. And complete adult conversations. Yes. Wouldn’t that be lovely? Does that sound like I am being spoilt? No?

The reality?

We’re much more inclined to be woken by our kiddies handing us something unusually crafty from the school Mothers Day stall. And then we finish making the breakfast the kids have attempted to make.

It’s a fun, happy day where we get tiny spoils.

But one thing I actually really get excited (hand clap to myself) about are the mag subscriptions Mum and I get for each other. Every year we purchase one for each other, then each month we get a little bit of ‘yippee’ in the mail!

Magazines, flowers (bunches just like I’m holding below) and hampers are all available via the AusPost catalogue / online store this year so you can get all of these neat surprises delivered to your mammas door. I’m glad they’re ticking the mag box!

170427 IHB_94A5637

And I make a real point to sit and read it cover to cover the day it arrives. It’s the one thing in my month that I stop for. It’s the only thing I read (apart from my growing list of novels that sit by my bedside) that’s in a physical format. Everything else I consume is online and it’s so bloody refreshing to be holding a Donna Hay mag, or a Delicious mag (that I never cook from, I just browse recipes). I live the life of a 70 year old woman. Recipe mags. Cups of tea and copious amounts of sitting. But then I couldn’t be 70, right? Because my obsession with Insta is a-nother level.

170427 IHB_94A5613

My mum is obsessed with renovating her home so she requests Country Style or one of the ‘home / health’ category mags .

170427 IHB_94A5757

Or you could get everything sent to your place in the days leading up to the day and deliver them personally yourself!

170427 IHB_94A5819

This post is sponsored by Australia Post, however all these experiences (however dull and uneventful they may seem 🙂 ) are my own. 

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