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A swimmable bra. Yes, you can wear this bra around all day and think ‘oh I’m hot, I feel like a swim’ and not even worry about changing because this piece of pure genius is designed to be underwear one minute and part of a cosi, the next.

Do you have those days where a sporatic swimming opportunity pops up and you say ‘gee I wish I had my swimmers with me’? OK, maybe not all the time but I can bet it happens!

Well, Underwear of Sweden have pretty much solved this girly problem for us all. And I’m so proud to have found this label because even though the brand name doesn’t suggest, this is an Australian owned company that just does a great range of reasonably priced garments with good fabrics and bright materials.

Not only practical but gorgeous too. I’m adoring the orange and white check pattern.

And if you wanted the swimmable briefs to match check them out here. They’re $34.95.

Freedom with a splash of fashion….go on spoil yourself.

PRICE – $69 – BUY NOW!

[pic source: Hard To Find]

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