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I don’t own a dog or a cat but a lot of my friends treat their pets like they would, a new baby. They’re part of the family.

If your Christmas list is anything like mine it will be hitting the floor, but whatever you do, don’t forget your four legged family member!

They’re woof-a-rific. Woah that was quite possibly the worst joke I’ve made on this website.

Personalised Pet Christmas Stocking

Price: $27.12 – BUY NOW!

‘I Love Food’ Ceramic Pet Bowls

Price: (Starting at) $15.95 – BUY NOW!

 RSPCA Rawhide Christmas Ginger Bread Men

Price: $9.95 BUY NOW!

Customised Pet Tags

Price: $13 – BUY NOW!

Three –in-One Dog Bed

Price $74.95 – BUY  NOW!

 Stella Muttcartney Chew Dog Toy

Price: $13 – BUY NOW!

Cat TeePee

Price: $39.95 – BUY NOW!

And finally no Christmas is complete without a family photo with Santa – this year head to the RSPCA to find your nearest location to have a photo with Santa and your pets!

Post by Adele Cross from thatfashionfling. You can follow her at @thatfashionfling on Instagram!

Pic Source: (Etsy, My Pet Universe, World For Pets, Canine Couture, My Fefo, Paws Co)


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