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By Fashion Boss Amy Finch

Who woulda thunk it? Chocolate brown is a thing. And it’s taken the high street stores by storm.

The best thing about trends is, we show you the pieces and you can take a very small slice of the pie (a scarf, earrings, a high necked knit) or you can stuff the whole cake in your mouth (buy the faux fur jacket, a statement skirt or a dress in choccie brown).

YOU decide how far you’re going to take it.

This colour actually looks beautiful, styled with other earthy tones. Tan, orange, black and creams do chocolate brown a favour.

Over to you now. Our most hearted piece is the Zara polka dot heels and faux fur jacket. Enjoy all the chocolaty goodness.


Glassons Faux Fur Coat in Chocolate – $89.99 – Buy now!

Zara Polka Dot Slingback Shoes – $69.95 – Buy now!

ASOS Noisy May Ruched Detail Dress in Brown – $24.00 – Buy now!

Bardot Lucy Croc Skirt – $59.99 – Buy now!

Zara Embossed City Bag – $69.95 – Buy now!

Glassons Faux Fur Coat in Brown – $89.99 – Buy now!

Zara Micro Pleated Trousers – $45.95 – Buy now!

Sportsgirl Henley Vintage Sling Bag – $39.95 – Buy now!

Glassons Oversized Cardigan – $49.99 – Buy now!


Target Sterling Silver Heart-cut Gemstone Crown Earrings – $39.99 – Buy now!

Bardot Dee Wrap Midi Skirt – $79.99  Buy now!

Glassons Button Up Teddy Coat – $99.99 – Buy now!


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