Small Businesses: Be Featured in an IHB Video!

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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

I’ve had an idea that I’ve wanted to launch for quite some time. It involves small businesses, cool new products, and the excitement of receiving a parcel in the mail.

We all stumble across small businesses with the most masterful products. You may have a friend that’s an exceptional artist. You may purchase your earrings from a woman who hand-makes every single one. What about the beauty products you discover that solve all your problems? Or the online homewares store you always purchase your gifts from?

Small business owners deserve our support and praise for delivering products that we love!

So, here’s the concept…

Welcome to MAIL MONDAYS, people.

Six small businesses from around Australia are going to be featured in an I Heart Bargains video across the coming months. All their product must be under $100 and be considered a ‘bargain’; and the product will need to be sent to me so it can be featured within the video. The video will be featured on IHB’s Instagram and Facebook pages.

And every Monday I’ll go through my mail, and showcase a new small business that I have discovered.

To let me know about your business, get in touch via email (with subject line Mail Mondays).

I will respond to everyone who gets in touch but please be patient, as I am sure this is going to be a popular segment. Keep in touch on Instagram for updates.

After all, Aussie small businesses are a huge part of what makes the retail space in Australia so damn popular! And while we are supporting these makers and sellers by following them online, and buying their stuff, big businesses are even pitching in to help them too.

How did the idea come about?

I recently attended a workshop at Australia Post, where I learned about the different services they’re developing to support Australian small businesses who sell online and send their products here and overseas. It got me thinking about how I might use the power of the post to connect with makers and sellers from around the country, and use IHB to speak about the products and businesses that I love.

Go Team: L-R Tina from Tina & Alfred, myself, Lucy Cornes from She Shopped, Leora from Australia Post

Back row: Alfred from Tina and Alfred, Robert Gerish from Flying Solo and Larry from The Simple Gentleman

I was pleasantly surprised at how open the Australia Post team was with their challenges and also the enormous amount of community projects and small business initiatives they have set up, over the years.

Now, more than ever, there is a focus on the online makers and shakers and how they’re packaging their product and sending it to customers. There’s so many options that I didn’t know about. Personalised packaging, for example. So cool. And there are lots of platforms for small businesses to access, via Australia Post. They’re part of Australia’s heritage (especially for those living in regional Australia) and I was very proud to be part of the two days.

As an ambassador for Australia Post (small business) I wanted to fulfil a dream that I have had for IHB, since I started the blog, back in 2012.

Create a small biz video series, unearthing incredible fashion, homewares and beauty brands that are trying so hard to get their name out there. Australia Post are enabling me to bring this series to life.

This content series is sponsored by Australia Post.



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