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By Lily Riek The Stylish Teacher

Jeans. They’re either our best friend or our worst enemy, depending on the fit.

Most women I know own multiple pairs of jeans, but maybe wear one or two on a regular basis. Some women haven’t yet found the ‘one’ – the pair that not only looks incredibly flattering but you can wear all day comfortably, without your tummy spilling over or finding those too-tight marks on your hips when you take them off.

I’ve found a new brand taking on the jeans challenge, and after trying them myself – I’m sold.

The brand? Rockmans.

Now, stay with me here. Yes, I know it’s a brand your mum might normally wear, and you probably haven’t stepped foot in a Rockmans store in like forever, but Rockmans are switching things up.

Rockmans black biker Jegging


PRICE – $50 – BUY NOW!

These jeggings are my outright favourite due to their – ELASTICISED WAISTBAND! They’re stretchy plus the ribbing across the knee gives them an edginess.  Also available in Indigo and Blue Wash.


Rockmans ripped boyfriend Jean


PRICE – $59.99 – BUY NOW!


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