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By Chief Bargain Hunter, Chelsea Thomas

It’s the final chapter of my home office, coming together. It’s like the last episode of Friends. I was sad it was over but ecstatic that I’d watched such a fulfilling series. And Rachael and Ross got it on. Yeh that made me happy.

For me, creating my own space to work in, with the help of Bunnings along the way, has been a project that I’ve needed to complete for a very long time. I started IHB in 2012 and have always worked in my home, late at night, tapping away at the keyboard. Lots of time spent in bed on my lappie too. Yes I have a bad back to go with. Hence my need to find the time to create a space that’s just mine. It’s not very big but I chose the colours and all the cool accessories, prints and homewares to make it mine.

And every mother / person running a business from home deserves a space to produce that work. In peace. In the colours that make them happy. And it doesn’t have to be an expensive exercise. Or hard, for that matter.

My home office is finally complete, so here’s the final piece of the puzzle. I really hope you can take away some inspiration, and create that little nook for yourself.

SEE HOW I painted it first for $61!

SEE HOW I made a gold metallic chair for $30!

Your Bunnings Shopping List: (L-R)

The Hanging Planter (top left of photo below)

  • Plastic Hanging Basket – $8.98 – BUY NOW!
  • The Plant is called Nephrolepis  – $25.44 instore.
  • I painted this Rust-oleum in Aged Gray – $42


The Lamp

  • Home Design Black Conico desk lamp – $39 – BUY NOW! 

The Desk

  • Desk top (Custom Pine 1200 x 595 x 16mm White Melamine – we cut this down to size) – $24.99 – BUY NOW!
  • Desk legs – $19 each – BUY NOW!

The Chair

  • Chair was picked up from hard rubbish!
  • Spray paint – gold Rust-oleum – $12.95 – BUY NOW!


The Cushion

  • Mimosa outdoor cushion – $19.98 – Buy Now In Store.

The Wire Mood Board

  • Wire mesh piece (silver) – $15.48 – BUY NOW!
  • British Paints 310g Spray Easy Gloss Black – $7.49 – BUY NOW!


The Pot (this came just as you see it)!

  • Pot (copper & white) – $39.98 – BUY NOW!

The Stool

  •  Tolix Silver Metal Stool painted white – $24.98 – Available instore.White Knights Undercoat Spray Paint (for stool) – $7.45 – BUY NOW!
  • Rust-oleum in Blush Pink (for dipping stool legs) – $42 – BUY NOW!
  • Sandpaper roll – $1.62 – BUY NOW!

The Before looked like this.


After the dip dye on the legs it looked like this (with $39.95 pot on top).



  • Assorted medium sized plants from $19.60 instore.
  • Mini desk plant – $5.49 – available instore.
  • Hooks for hanging planter & prints are all available instore as well.

Special thanks to the Bunnings Team for all of their help, and Glue Content for filming all the slick bits, and bloopers.

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