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By Chief Bargain Hunter, Chelsea Thomas

Yes, I’m the queen of bargain shopping but I also love to look at expensive pieces of furniture and thinking ‘one day, baby, you’ll be mine.’

In the interim, I’m making do and making sure you guys have access to when I do sometimes, have a cracker of an idea.

Bunnings has this insane Rust-oleum  gold metallic spray paint for $12.95 that doesn’t stop working when you turn it upside down, which means, you can spray for long periods of time, at awkward angles. Perfect for chicks like me that start a job and want it done in like, 30 minutes! My attention span is pretty minimal when I’m pumping out a home project. Minimal effort + low cost = feeling pretty good about yourself / no complaints from hubby about spending more $ on unnecessary chairs.

The metallic gold chairs I’ve looked at online are ridic expensive. As in, you wouldn’t even entertain the idea.

I have a habit of picking things off hard rubbish so I thought it was time to do a spray paint job on one of the chairs I picked up from my neighbour’s nature strip. Pah, she might even ask for it back if she sees this! There’s plenty of options on Gumtree (or in your mum’s garage if she’s a bit of a hoarder). The shape is pretty old fashioned but I’m making it new again, for my home office.

If you missed last week, we painted my new office wall.

Shop what you see:

  • Spray paint – gold Rustoleum – $12.95 – BUY NOW!
  • White Knights Undercoat Spray Paint (for stool) – $7.45 – BUY NOW!
  • Rust-oleum in Blush Pink (for dipping stool legs) – $42 – BUY NOW!
  • Desk top (Custom Pine 1200 x 595 x 16mm White Melamine – we cut this down to size) – $24.99 – BUY NOW!
  • Desk legs – $19 each – BUY NOW!
  • Pot (copper & white) – $39.98 – BUY NOW!
  • Assorted medium sized plants from $19.60 instore.
  • Mini desk plant – $5.49 – available instore.
  • Tolix Silver Metal Stool painted white – $24.98 – Available instore.
  • Sandpaper roll – $1.62 – BUY NOW!

Prints are by Elle Wills.

And for you fashionista sisters, my denim pinafore is Cotton On, tee by Target.


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