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When did you last wear a stand out, over-the-top pair of earrings? So often we forget our ear-bling.

But winter is a good time to add some jewellery and glamour to that black dress.

Over the last few months we’ve noted our fave statement earring brands, because they truly can make an outfit pop!

And the best thing? We’ve chosen small businesses that are creating beautiful pieces so support them and check out their ranges. The Polli ones are my absolute go-to’s for day into night.

  1. Plain Jane & Co


Plain Jane & Co Fancy Janes – $35.00 – Buy now!

2. Bob & Frank

Bob & Frank Bonnie earrings – $45.00 – Buy now!

3. Murphy Made

Murphy Made Jewellery Lady Earrings in Light Tortoise Shell – $39.95 – Buy now!

4. Murphy and Me

Murphy & Me Rose Gold & Silk Fan Tassel Earrings – $38.00 – Pre-order now!

5. Hey Polly

Hey Polly Dangle Gloria Glitz Earrings – $35.00 – Buy now!

6. Polli

Polli Limited Edition Myth Earrings in Pink Quartz – $28.00 – Buy now!

7. Entire Me

Entire Me Valencia Earrings – $44.95 – Buy now!

8. Made by Maddie – @madebymaddiestore on Instagram

Made By Maddie (store goes online Sunday 3rd June)

9. Bell Frankie & Co

Bell Frankie & Co Fringed Crystal Earrings in Dusty Rose – $25.00 – Buy now!

10. En Pointe Collective

En Pointe Collective Bridal Ruffles Earrings – $49.00 – Buy now!

11. The Sleepless Creative

The Sleepless Creative The Amazonian Granite / Resin Earrings – $65.00 – Buy now!

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