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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

I don’t want to single anyone out here but I know for a fact that most of you that read IHB are older than 30.

I used to work at Sportsgirl so I have always been quite a fan but for a while there I dodged their door at shopping centres and I stopped shopping online.

It’s like I grew out of their style.

But I visited the other day.

And some pieces jumped out at me. So much so, I thought I must entertain my bargain hunter babes with a ‘what the hell’s going on at Sportsgirl’ post.

Because for some of you, you may also be seeing their stores but not venturing in for fear you will come out looking like a try-hard-boheme-teeny-bopper who likes her denim, high waisted, super tight and occasionally flared jeans. Am I right?

Well rest easy. They haven’t lost their cool for us 30 +!

Deep V Dress


Price – $41.97 – Buy now!

Star Print Play Suit

Um totally cool. And perfect for summer days with heels or sandals. Not thongs. Big hoop earrings. Yes please.


Price – $89.95 – Buy Now

Full Circle Dangle earrings


Price – $14.95 – Buy Now

Cut Out Sleeve top

Cold Shoulders are all the rave. How about cold arms though? Now, seriously. THAT is cool. I am serious even though my tone is slightly sarcastic.


Price – $69.95 – Buy Now

Cold shoulder Shirt

Then there’s the actual cold shoulder garments. THIS shirt was my fave when I saw it in-store. Maybe the white version. But I do like the baby blue. Wear with something high waisted if you’re worried about showing lots of bottom action.


Price – $79.95 – Buy Now

Leopard jacquard jumper


Price – $48.97 – Buy Now

Perforated sneaker


Price – $49.95 – Buy Now

Denim mini

It’s fact: Sportsgirl denim is bloody good. It has a lot of stretch so maybe go down a size? Can’t walk past this staple for summer.



Price – $69.95 – Buy Now

Aztec Zip Back Top

The Nina Proudman lovers are frothing at the mouth over this one. I just know it. ON SALE too.



Price – $39.98 – Buy Now

Waist tie knit top


price – $41.97 – Buy now



Pic source: Sportsgirl



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