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By Chief Bargain Hunter Chelsea Thomas

I recently rocked up to Pillow Talk Mentone and was blown away with the options for my new holiday home in Blairgowrie (yes, I know, amazing!) and the bargains I discovered for Chrissie pressies.

I went slightly snap crazy but had a delightful morning quietly (but briskly with a toddler in tow) browsing through all of the ‘ohhhh wow’ homewares.

L O V E lettering $22.95, followed by some pretty real (but fake) hydrangeas in a plum pink. And that scattering of wire copper homewares confirms to me, Pillow Talk is SO on trend right now. And the prices? Well, the Twilight Lanterns are down to $19.95, to give you some feel for cost. Good, hey?

And the mini ceramic vases featured below are under $10!


It’s a combo of gorgeous homewares, linen, towels, household goods, wall art starting from just $12, mirrors, cushion-delight and occasional furniture. Not to mention an incredible world of pastel (if you like) and monochrome (if that’s what tickles your fancy). Plus neutrals which fit any locay.


When it comes to bathroom accessories, they have you covered. The mirror with chain detail (official name = Olympia) was a stand out piece for me and priced very reasonably, at $34 when I was in store. Exciting news for you is, you can still shop it online for that price! also comes in copper and silver.


The bathroom towels are lush and many are on sale from $19 right now. Perfect for updating a reno’d bathroom or just giving your shared spaces a pep up.

The copper and rose gold range is so precious and delightful. I would’ve taken a boot-ful home if I didn’t already own half a copper factory.

The elemental vase is down to $19 (pictured bottom right).

If you’re on the hunt for side tables, the wire versions are very affordable and come in a variety of colours. Black is always a stand out against white walls.


When it comes to greenery, Pillow Talk are all over it. And if you’re like me and can’t keep a succulent alive, you’ll thank me that you can purchase this whole range…and everything lives. Lots of pot plant options too. And baskets.


The planter boxes seen at the bottom of the pic are $59.95.



Then there’s mini ones – the perfect KK present for only $4!

And the black and white throw cushions in the corner of this pic were only $59.95.


Then there’s the summer range which covers the big round beach towels for $69.95 (WERE $99.95)! And even the navy and neutral foot stool for $99. Very impressive.


The bargains truly are endless and the only reason I wrapped things up was my toddler realised there was no cafe in sight and got hangry after 40 minutes of pondering purchases.

Special mention to the gand at Mentone who were super friendly and helped me choose my mother-in-law’s Christmas present which is divine….sssshhh.


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