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I just went through my shopping carts to see what I’ve been thinking about purchasing. It’s usually the pieces that I don’t really need, but  definitely want.

I thought this would be a fun post, and something we could all do sometimes. Maybe purchase one thing that’s sitting in your favourite shopping cart? Look out!

Here’s the results of mine.

This coat is pretty special in the pastel blue. I mean, it comes in black, but that’s no fun so I was throwing up whether to get the pastelly powder blue colour. What do you think? I adore it.





PRICE – $93.50 – BUY NOW!

Next this Seed skirt is calling my name. I actually don’t know why I haven’t hit ‘buy’ – if it were summer I’d have grabbed this baby.

It would look smoking hot with white tee and flats.


PRICE – $59.95 – BUY NOW!

I have been on the hunt for a striped white shirt that looks all business and this Portmans one totally cuts the mustard.


PRICE – $59.95 – BUY NOW!

And I am obviously attracted to shirts (and need to smarten my look up a bit) because I also had the spotty one in the same cart! Oops. Link is the same as above. Check it out.

So I have always been a fan of Perspex heels but never had the guts to try them out. I think these are the ultimate pair of Perspex heels from Hello Parry, especially for winter. Super classy with an LBD for a cool night out.


PRICE – $95 – BUY NOW!

Baggy pants are ALWAYS on my wish list but I was waiting on these ones to go on a major sale! And they did. Only $50 and hello, with a tan. Amazing.


PRICE – $50 – BUY NOW!


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